Saturday, November 29, 2008

Hello from afar

Hello. This is Court’s blog. She has been extremely impersonal and scheduled this. She is recovering from two Thanksgivings. There is a reason there is only one. A person's gut just can't take two. Did you know you can schedule blogs? You can. She loves it. She was able to go to a retreat and still keep her blog up, how fabulous is that? Is it cheating? She wonders. Thinks it just might be. Like say if you participated in NanoWrimo (she tried, gave up this year, may just try Nablapomo next year w/Bobeesah) but instead of actually writing you stole an old project and just entered that instead. She digresses. Scheduling things, ah yes. Did you know you can schedule human life entering this world? No, she is not talking about date night, though she quite obviously needs a date night as she is writing about herself in the third person (are you reading it to yourself in a creepy computer voice, like the one from Wargames? She hopes so, so she is not alone in this dorkiness) No she is talking about when they finally decide to have child #2 as she is not crazy enough to have a VBAC and so she will schedule her child’s birth. How fabulous is that? I mean Birth, on your day planner. This is a wonderful world we live in friend. And by the way if you don’t know what VBAC is than good for you. Stay here this is a place for mediocrity and where you will be well loved, she promises. And today is the G-day in her household. As in her hubby is taking the dreaded GRE. As well as Christmas decorating day. And you know how seriously she takes that. So maybe there will be another creepy computer post... Won't that freak you out? Until next time.
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  1. Actually, I liked this whole concept. :) And please tell your hubby good luck on the GRE!

  2. Thanks! He was tired but hopefully he did better than he thought.


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