Wednesday, November 26, 2008

La, La, La, La, Love!

So on Allisan Says blog some sort of alphabet chain about ten things you love is going around. I'm not sure if I'm ruining the chain by not passing it on or not but I got the letter "L" so here are my ten l, lovely things...

Love, of course. Seriously though, it is the best thing. It’s like our fuel. We were made for this. Without it we wither. With some of it we just want more. With more and more we just fill up and then are able to give to others as we should.

Litter, as in the one my kitty will have. Though I do worry she is too small and young, after all she is just a teenager in cat years. We feel bad for not having the ‘talk’ with her before she got knocked up.

Lights, most specifically Christmas lights. Even more specifically I really love the little lighted balls. Oh how I want to get one some day.

Lasagna, extra cheesy pleasy. No icky meat.

Lazy, oh how I love to just lounge around and do absolutely nothing. Darn I could have used L for lounge too.

Laying in bed with my hubby and baby.

Liquor, preferably something mixed with chocolate that tastes very yummy and gets me very tipsy.

Lemons, especially when I was pregnant. Oh my gosh did I throw up my socks all the time or what and they said this would help and guess what? It did a little. It’s a calming scent.

Leaders- and I stress good ones, because there is something so comforting in being led and being led well and by someone you can trust.

Ladybugs, because come on they are adorable. And black and red is such a fashion statement.
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  1. Oh! Me! Me! What letter do I get?

  2. Great "L" list!! (Makes me think of the song on the Jack's Big Music Show CD...just because they say only L words, too...have you heard that?)

  3. Now that was just trippy. I just posted on your site and then saw you posted on mine. Then for some reason I read your post wrong and thought you said "Jack Black's music CD" and I was like, weird, that must be bizarre. Do you want a letter, you know you do...

  4. How sweet, that is cute. I want a letter for tomorrow's post...can ya give me one??~C

  5. Ok, I got the M. Come by tomorrow and see.

  6. Alright "C" you get "N" na na na na na na na na hey hey hey goodbye...

  7. Great "L" list! I love that picture of hubby and cute!


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