Thursday, November 13, 2008

Learning how to kiss.

I daydreamed that I would teach my daughter how to kiss. No, not in some creepy kind of way but as in I’m the cool hip mom. Hoping that we would have this semiotic, close relationship like on Gilmore Girls. Who knows? Maybe we will. Right now she still craps her pants several times a day so I’m working on that first.
Imagine my surprise when my baby girl turned the tables on me, and when she had only been here a month. She’s no procrastinator like her mommy. Her first kiss was something I did not even recognize as a kiss, but you see, that is where learning comes in. I had to learn, or relearn, what a kiss is. As she opened her mouth wide and put her lips to mine, still wide and not pursed together it was like she was going for in for a boob. Or maybe she was just too lazy to close her mouth, but you see that is how you should kiss. It’s all or nothing baby. Vote for my post Learning how to kiss. on Mom Blog Network


  1. i wanna kiss you that way, hehehehehe. dearest wife, i love you, and i love your thoughts, and i too (secretly like ever other man ((also secretly)) in america) hopes you two will another pair of Gilmore Girls; what could be more fun than snappy "re-par-tway" from both women in my life? ;-)

  2. You're funny! I'm looking forward to reading up on your posts now that I've opened the shiny wrapper on your blog over at MomBlogs. I can totally relate to this post.


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