Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Oh Christmas tree

-I’m thinking about putting the tree up on Wednesday.
-No! Not before Thanksgiving
-(Pout) But I have to work after Thanksgiving and I’m off this whole week, this is the best time.
-Fine, I guess.
-And you have to help this year, after all with my foot hurt I can’t do it on my own.
-At least get the tree out for me.
-But I don’t know where it is.
-In the garage.
-Like I said, I don’t know where it is.
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  1. awwww...jim would LOVE a garage for Christmas. How I'm going to do that when we live in an apartment is beyond me.

    i'm thinking about xmas trees now. yay happy lights!

  2. I dig the new festive look. I am so into the Christmas spirit it might not be cute. I know that my hubby's face when I got on e-toys was one of hurt, for his pocket book. I am so excited. What are you planning on buying Kaiya?

  3. E- what about getting a toy garage set for D & J it can be their daddy/son thing to play w/this year.

    C- Thanks, I just couldn't wait to start decorating. And I have no idea what to get her, any ideas?

  4. the picture of d and j playing with a toy garage squishes my insides. sigh. I'm going to google play garage sets now.



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