Saturday, November 15, 2008

On Snails and Stuff

So I’ve been working on a project lately. It’s called the ‘I am not going to talk about my kid for a full five minutes’ project. Topics, anyone? How about snails. I hate stepping on them. I say this because in one day alone I stepped on like five. I don’t know why. It was weird. The sickening crunch though was quite unnerving. It was this weird bone-rattling sort of sound that you could feel in your teeth. Anyone? No. ok then. So my kid is just so darn cute I can’t help but write about her. And everyone gets squishy babies with big rosy cheeks. Squished snails with a crunch and I lose half my audience. Which would mean I’d have .5 people reading. And half a person is about as gross as a squished crunchy snail.
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  1. Your little one is so adorable. I love that red hair. Just tooo... cute!

  2. I also have accidents myself all the time. LOL!!! I guess as parents we need to keep our cool when our little ones start to get around. I remember when my daughter started to walk I was a nervous wreck. I still am. Now, it's all about not talking to strangers. That really freaks me out. Maybe it's just me but I actually wanted to comment on your last post, but I can't seem to find your comment link. Have a great day and take care.

  3. I wanted to leave a comment on your most current post, but it is not giving me that option...

    You just have to let them fall. My baby has hit her head enumerable times! It's a wonder she doesn't have brain damage! LOL Noopw, she has my genes. That's enough. That'll do it!!

    I left you something on my blog. Please come by & pick it up.


  4. thanks michelle, it's a good thing her face looks just like mine cause i got no idea where the red came from!

    i'll try to play with the comment thing... don't know what's going on there still new to this whole blog thing, thanks both for the feed-back on it though!


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