Friday, November 28, 2008

Use Words

We tell my daughter to ‘use words’ often. Perhaps too often. Maybe we are expecting a dissertation on the isolation of the modern man from her? The thing is, she does use words, all the time, but we just don’t understand them. One day as she grew increasingly frustrated and started to squawk as she pointed at God only knows what we told her to use words. She looked up at me and proceeded to babble this insanely long sentence that sounded remarkably like English but wasn’t. It had the same ebb and flow of a conversation though, but the words were baby goop. My husband and I laughed, looked at each other and shrugged. I said that maybe next time we needed to specify: use English words so she would not just speak her native Kaiya. The thing is language is like learning anything else, you have to take it in steps. Some weeks she works on the vocab part, getting extra words added to her repertoire and other weeks she focuses on the syntax and will wander around the house rambling in babble language as she drags a Teddy behind her.
I suppose life is the same way. So I shouldn't berate myself for not having this parenting thing down yet, and neither should you. We'll get there. Until then we will babble and stumble our way through it.
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  1. When I worked at the day care we were CONSTANTLY saying "use your words." It's something I'm starting to say quite often during the day to Diego. And he doesn't even talk yet. I'm thinking I'll say "use your hands" instead.


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