Saturday, December 27, 2008

Driving through the night

So for our trip to see my grandmother we decided it would be best to leave late at night so the baby was sleeping. This course of action still seems to have been the best one, after all a twelve hour drive is not much fun for anyone but it's two days later and all three of the adults (my dad came with us) have not quite awaken from the groggy haze. The toddler is full of energy, not to mention grandparents, aunts and uncles who are gleefully giving her as much sugar as possible because they remember when the 'twins' tore around the house. (I think I'm unjustly punished there, after all I was the good twin!) The other day my hubby and I both woke up and looked frantically at each other and then we heard her happily playing at the foot of the bed with some toy cars. Hopefully we can wake up long enough to enjoy the drive back. The country is beautiful if anything because of the trees. We are tree starved in Texas. There are bushes a plentiful but not a tree in the whole state. We do have a big huge sky though, that honestly, I kindof miss. Until then we will enjoy our time in my aunt and uncle's lovely home (it looks like a magazine!) And hopefully get another last visit with Kaiya's great grandparents. When I was explaining to her why they were 'great' I said, well, because they are! Perhaps it's too simplified but it's still true.

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