Monday, December 1, 2008

My Mother Letter

On the 27th I posted about the Mother Letter project. Here is what I sent. Let's send a bunch of love to a fellow mommy!

I know the nights your baby is feverish sends shivers down your spine. The times he falls and bumps his head your heart bumps against your chest. When she cries you know her sound even just a syllable like you know the sound of your own breathing. This child of yours is yours and you know best what to do, for that little tiny bit of light is your best piece out toddling in front of you. Each dark night comes to an end with the heat of fresh morning sun. Every fever breaks after the fighting is done. Each fall makes a little one stronger. Every cry knits your hearts together. You are a parent and you walk beside many this hard road. You are not alone either. Each night you are up so are millions of others, and each bright morning, even if it is too morning or too bright you still are surrounded. The days it is the hardest and blackest are the days the deepest work is being done, in us, in our babies, and for all of us. Continue on this good fight, sister, and continue on with silent, suffering arms wrapped around you. You are not alone.
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  1. I think this is EXACTLY what I would have loved to hear when I was a new Mom. This is great.


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