Thursday, December 25, 2008

No better gift than love

I love Christmas time. Everything about it. The smells, the tastes, the sounds and most of all the sights. There is something magical about lights on a string. Like little bits of eternity caught in pretty colors and all in a row for me to enjoy. This year is even more exciting, why? Well I’ll tell you. Last year you would hand Kaiya a present and she would knock it over. Then try to gum the paper. This year, she’ll at least open it. And I think she will understand that the thing to play with is the thing inside and not the box it came in. I really do try to restrain myself, and this year is tight for us like I imagine it is tight for 90% of Americans, but gosh it is hard when there are such pretty things out there.
And this year I get to spend it with my grandmother, a dear sweet woman who has lived a very rich and lovely life. We have not been able to make it there yet so this will also be the first time she gets to meet Kaiya. There is a picture of her husband holding me and my twin on his lap that I cherish, especially since he died that same year. I hope my grandmother has many, many more wonderful years but I also want to make sure and have a tangible reminder for my daughter when she grows up that she was once in the presence of someone so full of love it moves everyone around her to be better. Her love is prettier than just about anything I can imagine.
The prettiest thing of all to me is my Savior. And that is my favorite part of this season, for me it is a chance to celebrate his wonderful birth and goodness. He is good. I tell myself that when friends die too young or suffer too much beforehand. He is still good, though I don’t understand everything, or heck practically anything, that he does. I don’t have to though, I just have to trust that he’s got it under control. So, to you and yours, Merry Christmas.

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