Monday, December 8, 2008

Parent's Bailout

Am I the only one out there feeling left out? Seriously. First the housing cooperation, then the auto cooperation and what is next: all of the credit cooperation in general? What about the parent cooperation, when is our turn, that is the question burning on my mind. Is it me or is the cost of everything going up from diapers to toys? We so wanted to be those responsible parents that bought our kid organic, healthy food but that stuff is so expensive we gave that up first. Did you see CBS news tonight? They did a story about some workers who were just laid off and not even paid for their vacation or any kind of severance, so they decided to do a sit-in and demand a ‘bail-out’ themselves. One guy was saying ‘it’s time for the little man to stand up and be heard.’ We may not be able to fly in our own jet to ask for help but should we all be ignored? Then there was this interview they did with the Starbucks head guy and they put up a picture about how if you buy Starbucks for a year it will cost $1500. When asked if he would make venti mocha cappuccinos cheaper he said we’re not just selling a cup of coffee. What? Then what are you selling? Does that cup come with a little man who will give me a back rub too? Couric also asked him if he had had a business plan for a recession to which he said not for one this size. How about give up some of your salary rather than cut people’s jobs? Is any executive willing to do that I wonder? It would be nice for the huge gap between the ridiculously rich and the pitiful poor would be narrowed a bit. I really had no other point. Just a rant.
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  1. The CEOs of the Big Three Automakers did agree to cut their salaries, but I think that was after a lot of public booing and hissing after their first visit to Congress for money. They're all trying to boost their images through some major PR, but I can't believe their "good" intentions after that debacle.

    They're businesses and therefore mostly interested in the bottom line. Not in the families struggling to make ends meet or the families who won't have Christmas because they were fired without pay a MONTH before the holidays. Once we, the regular folks, aren't able to pay for their "services" they might start to give a damn. Who knows. They might not. I've seen too much excess and greed on their part to really believe that they would.

    Um...that was depressing...

    I just made that holiday up. Yeah, that's right. We could use a frivolous holiday where no gifts are needed, only pictures of random squirrels online.

  2. I agree, when is it our turn? I could sure use a bail out right about now. The hubby seems to make less each year and the price of consumer products seems to get higher each week. What's up with that?

  3. Yeah pooh on being all depressing but sometimes you just gotta let the frustration out.

  4. Um so that last comment was me I didn't realize hubby was still signed in... sorry for the confusion.


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