Friday, December 5, 2008

Surprised by fire

There needs to be an addition to my recent post on the most meaningful gift I've received. You see I have this thing for fire places. They are so special to me and yes I have chosen a place to live primarily because it had a fire place. Twice actually. So when it came time to move, yet again, and sadly our new location was without said fire place it was actually a sticking point for me. I paused. Now this was a perfect house for us, perfect location and even more perfect rent but it did not have my beloved fire place. I got over it though, reasoning to myself that it wasn’t that big of a deal. I think though, deep down, I still wanted the option at least to sit in front of a fire whenever I so darn well choose. So my hubby had suggested we get a chimenea and I was dubious but was willing to consider it. They seemed cool but it was also hard to switch my thinking into an outdoorsy one. After all, my usual fire place moments had been very specific: me curled up with a blanket and a good book and kitty at my feet. In my living room. The key word being in. I wasn’t certain about doing the whole fire pit in the back yard thing mainly because of the cold. But it did seem to be a good idea to have a chimenea or something like that as nothing in the house would be a possibility. So we talked about it at various times but when he went out to hunt for one it was discovered that they were ghastly expensive.
I let it go. Tonight my hubby had been out getting material to fight yet another battle with Aunt Flo for me while I was catching up on all the blogs I have been wan to read due to holidays and work stress. I heard him come home but he didn’t come in for almost ten more minutes and when he did there was panic in his voice:
-hurry get up
-(me glancing down at broken foot, resisting the urge to say; hello? Broken foot?)
-we have to get to the back yard, quickly
-what? What is going on? Stop scaring me I don’t want to hurt my foot (starting to get suspicious as well…. Is he up to something?)
-Fine I’ll carry you.
So he slung my over his shoulder like a fire fighter and carried me into the back yard and when he plumped me down it was right beside a lovely fire. He had bought the chiminea. It was perfect. The flames leapt and it was so warm. I could sit and watch flames, or water-how bizarre- for hours. The rhythm of motion lulls me to this relaxed state and I can just be. Instead of thinking about or worrying over every little detail of my life I can just exist in front of a fire for a moment. Thanks to my husband who blessed me this night with the gift of a surprise fire.


  1. That is amazingly sweet of your hubby. And seriously romantic, too, husband brings wife fire, picks her up to enjoy it.

    I was thinking about what makes me feel that sense of calm and it's odd, and slightly telling, but for me it's rain. I can sit on my porch and watch the rain for hours on end, as long as I have good, thick socks and a jacket or blanket to keep me warm if it's cold. What fire makes you feel, rain does for me.

  2. great husband stories rock!

  3. That's so wonderful he did that! I love fires myself. Have you thought about an electric fireplace? It doesn't have that wood flavour but it is still cozy.

  4. I guess I could try an electric but my favorite part is the crackling, and I'm just not sure that could be faked. Still it would be better than nothing.


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