Wednesday, December 24, 2008

This is Court’s blog again

Remember me I’m back (pick of scary girl in movie) this time Court is off to the wonderful world of snow. Well, there better darn well be snow at least, did she tell you about the time her Texas-born hubby froze SIX snowballs (slush balls really) from the one time there was a bit of ‘freezing precipitation’ well he did. Likely he had to raid the whole block to get six snowballs worth but it was a joy for him, to see snow, even when it was a pathetic less than an inch and all slushy amount. She hopes they are rolling in it now. I can’t roll in snow. It would fritz out my wires and we can’t have that now can we? How could I take over the world if I’m all fritzed out? Ah? Remote access you say? Like Court is doing with this blog post. Now, now peon, just lay back and be my battery why don’t you. It will all be over soon. Mwahahaha.

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