Saturday, December 13, 2008

this Mama

Toddler runs around, arms flailing like Fred Sanford in her typical Kaiyesque toddle, and emiting this half wail half cry that manages to grate my nerves like nails on a chalkboard. I can distinguish from the babble ‘mama, mama’ and while I should be overjoyed that this little bundle of eternity wants to be with me, I’m this lowly, selfish wretch of a human being, so instead it just makes me annoyed. After all I have only gotten through half of my blogs I keep up with, let alone a third of the random news bits I’d like to devour in my brief five minutes alone mommy time. But alas she isn’t wanting me as she goes toddling over to hubby.
She does know the word ‘daddy;’ she just chooses not to use it. After all we both answer to mommy so why not? She went toddling over to the fuzzier mommy and I found myself a little jealous. It didn’t help that he grinned at me and said “she wants this mama.“ Lately as he has been studying more and gearing up for the end of the semester’s finals and papers baby girl has been at a loss. I am the parent who is usually gone, and he is the one who is usually home. He is the one she goes to. But I do not back down from a fight easily so what do I do?
“Kaiya…. Come get nana…” (Nana is our code word for breastfeeding. Ha! Who is the mama she wants now?)
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  1. Using your boobs to get your way?...I'm so proud!

    But, seriously, I don't know how you do it. Being a SAHM is hard enough, so I have no idea how being a WOHM would be like. All you WOHMs are fantastic.


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