Monday, December 15, 2008

To the people who send annoying 'limit' email messages: poo on you!

Do you have one of these work email (or I guess maybe some home email ones do this too) accounts that send you a message: 'your account is over the limit...'? I get the point of these, but what I don't get is why my email sends me EIGHT of these. Doesn't each message, even if it only takes up like a few bits of space still take up space? So on weeks when I've been out of the office for whatever reason I get to come back to at least one fun filled hour of deleting all the spam and misc messages that I don't even need to read. On this note, a little tip I had to learn the hard way. If you subscribe to any list serves I would recommend that you select the 'digest' version so that way you just get one email summarizing instead of like a hundred a day. My neighborhood one, for example, can easily have TWENTY emails in one day about peoples' dogs running loose and descriptions of said fluffy beings so I have found this digest option to be a life-saver. Or rather email-saver. Whatever. Pfffpft! I've been cleaning out my account for the last half hour I'm entitled to a brief moment of computer-generated insanity. Ah, the grind of Monday. Sigh. If only I was like Kaiya and saw the computer solely as the box that held my Pokey dog. She has taken to tilting her head to the side like the dog does when it's waiting to be fed. It is the cutest thing in the entire world. Then she pants and barks too. Sigh (good sigh this time.)

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    You have to look at that. Super puppy head tilt action-go!

    And I would comment about the stupid work email, but I don't want to think about those horrible times. I just keep getting ads for viagra and R3AL WatCHes! in my spam box. haha


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