Thursday, December 18, 2008

Twitter for Dummies

You know those series of books shelf building for dummies, spreadsheet for dummies, etc? Well I need Twitter for dummies. I seriously don’t get it. It might as well be that crazy computer code that used to pop up when you screwed up your computer back in the nineties before um, I guess they fixed computers (getting an idea for how thoroughly blonde I am?) And I can’t figure out how to get a link to put it on here, not that I guess it matters since I don’t understand it anyway. But it’s the cool thing, right? I mean I did MySpace for a while and then Facebook and after I sufficiently obsessed for the appropriate amount of time (for me, which is um, about two weeks… oh but don’t worry about this you see this blog thing because this is way more than an obsession…)

Who do I have to thank for this latest venture in yet another social network? Why Mother Letter of course. Oh and he's trying to get over 500 letters for his wife so check it out and help out a daddy.

And if helping one daddy isn't enough: Twin Toddler Dad is trying to get 300 followers tonight. Not quite sure why... maybe I'll twitter him and find out... Is that how this works?

Since you are in the giving, Christmasy mood why don't you TWITTER ME? Jee, there is just now way for that to not sound dirty is there?

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  1. I totally don't get the twitter thing either. Hopefully some of the fabuously intelligent bloggers out there can clear this up for us. I'm starting to feel old. ACK!

  2. I signed up for twitter a while back but haven't really used it. It probably confused me and I gave up. LOL!! Maybe I should try and figure it out. Is it fun?

  3. I honestly don't know. I just like saying 'twitter me' because it sounds dirty.

  4. I honestly don't know if I twittered you or not. I'm now "following" you on twitter. . . but how do you twitter someone?????

  5. I think following allows you to 'twitter' and then when you send a message it goes out to everyone you're following. But then again, I'm still waiting for my copy of Twitter for Dummies so I could be wrong.

  6. Hello,
    I'd like to share some twitter references with yourself and your readers that may make your tweeting more enjoyable and convenient.

    I hope you find these to be helpful. Happy blogging :-)


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