Friday, December 26, 2008

Two smacks to the forehead

I wish I could react to people like my toddler does. After holiday events full of strange people who kept wanting to play with her (and she did wonderful, flirting with everyone) she was done. No more people! So when we went to something, with sadly more people, she revolted. Hitting, kicking, biting it was all fair game. Whatever it took to defend her space. To get that needed alone time. Which lead me to realize how much I need my alone time too. Perhaps I should start a new rule: after the holidays there will be a decleansing time. Like when you get toxic stuff on you and you have to go in that shower thing. Not that people are toxic but perhaps too much people time can be when it’s not balanced with alone time.


  1. OMG, wouldn't it be great if we could just throw a tantrum whenever stuck in a conversation with someone we don't like? LOL! Found your blog on Mom Blog Network, BTW.

  2. Hey Court! I haven't popped in lately...

    You are so right, though, about the alone time. Every person's got their limits and life is much better when you know your people-limit and respect it!

  3. That girl is on to something! She's so wise already. Just wait until she can tell you some of the other things she's thinking about...

  4. Hi there:
    What a great idea! Love your thinking! It's a great idea to cleanse right after the holidays! Give you a "cleaner slate" to handle after all that stress! Way to go to your little one! She is going to do amazing things if she keeps up her alone time! You wait and see!
    Thanks for sharing! Happy New Year!


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