Friday, December 5, 2008

Why my daughter is like a puppy

She licks my nose
She loves for her head to be rubbed
She does bark. “Ruff”
She plays fetch, no, seriously.
She loves me unconditionally.
She is unabashedly loyal.
She has eyes that would melt your heart.


  1. She's definitely got puppy eyes!


  2. She IS adorable. But I have to admit the first thing that came to mind is, Diego is like a puppy because he pees on the carpet. Sigh.

    hahaha I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE Y'ALL!!!

  3. ooh yeah when are you coming again?

  4. We'll be flying in on Xmas Day, but going straight to College Station for a few days. Back in Austin on the 29th! Woo! Coming back to SoCa on the 1st. Short but should be good and sweet.

  5. So cute! Love the picture & thanks for the extra book recommendations on ParentingPink! I'm always looking for great ones to recommend to my readers :-)


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