Sunday, December 21, 2008

Wiggling with my nipple between her teeth

She fidgets. All the time. And it’s one thing if this fidgeting was merely annoying but it’s not. It’s painful. Because her teeth clamp on my nipple like a vise-grip in the event of possible dislodging of said nipple.
It’s a whole body thing, flailing arms, legs, pinching fingers, twisting torso. The kicking is the thing that annoys me the most, well maybe pinching, most of all when she kicks AND pinches. What is she a little beast? Wasn’t nine months of kicking my bladder enough for her she has to crawl up on me only when I really, really have to pee and let loose a barrage of fast and furious kicks that would scare Pele?
I honestly don’t know what to do. It doesn’t really seem to be a discipline issue because she only does it when she’s asleep. The best thing I’ve come up with is changing positions so I pin her down so the flailing is less pronounced. I guess you reap what you sow because I was, and still am, an awful sleeper who flails quite profusely too. I guess the obvious answer is to stop breast feeding her I mean, geeze, what is she like twelve? But it’s our thing and she’s a toddler who doesn’t eat much and I am soooo not ready for that battle yet. Two-year-birthday though it’s gonna be a dark, dark day for Kaiya as she enters the Na-Na free zone.


  1. extending breastfeeding is a GREAT thing, good for you!

  2. See now, that's no fair, D pinches and tries to move around when he's AWAKE. Little pooper. Then I remind him to use his "gentle hands" and he then he touches my hand as gently as possible. Then grins his wily grin. hehe

  3. why do we let them get away with it with just a grin?


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