Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Daddy is stuck in the phone!

I’m sure many of you talk to your kids on the phone from time to time. We do it often, so that the one stuck at home with her gets a small break and so the one away from her feels like they are part of something still. Usually it goes one of two ways: either he’ll call all exasperated and either rant about the frustrating day he’s had and then put her one or immediately put her on with not much of an introduction besides: talk to your daughter! Occasionally though he’ll be having an alright day and I’ll have to ask to talk to her though it’s always a gamble for if she’s not upset at the time she might be when she remembers oh yeah, there is that mommy person who is not here and should be. One thing we’ve noticed though is that while she recognizes the voice and realizes the person talking on the other end is either mommy or daddy she so does not get how she is hearing them. Often she’ll point at the phone as if to alert the other parent “hey! Daddy is stuck in there and you better get him out!”


  1. LOL That's great!
    Evan's three and he still tries to feed the phone when talking to some one.

  2. This is awesome! Thanks for sharing it with us. Kids are the best comedians.

  3. So cute that she does that with the phone. Thanks for sharing.


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