Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A moment in Court's world...

Sitting in front of the blasted computer, as always, what with blogging, and studying (ahem) to do. Kaiya is on my lap and I bend over to kiss her forehead. I murmur into the top of her head:
"I love kissing your forehead... you know why? you know why? you know why?"
as I say this hubby is walking by and I grab his wrist and pull him towards me and plant one on his forehead
"because it's yours" I say grinning at him.
He grins back and keeps puttering as we are frantically trying to get me off to the library for another fun-filled study session. Then he pauses, and plants a few on my forehead as well.
And I must say, the two of them really do have the best foreheads I have ever seen. When we were pregnant with Kaiya her forehead was one of the first things I saw (um, and could actually recognize apart from all the other blobs... really? that's her arm?!? are you sure it's not a boy..) and as soon as I saw it I knew it was just like her daddy's and I was so happy.


  1. That is such a sweet and delicate moment. It really felt like I was there. That was lovely, coco, really.

  2. I love seeing my husband in my daughters. In their expressions, the shape of their eyes, their laugh...their reactions to self-propelled gas. Turns out he didn't need sons after all.

  3. Thanks E.

    I know what you mean CK, my husband doesn't need boys, he has me :)

  4. so cute. Really, a little nausiating, but cute :-)


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