Sunday, January 18, 2009

One too many mice.

Recently I got to learn about caring for pets and in the handy dandy power point presentation they went over just how to know if your cat is overweight or not. I leaned over and whispered to my friend that my cats were definitely overweight. The teacher then made an off-hand comment that for some reason America has a ton of overweight cats and the other teacher interjected with:
I think overweight owners tend to have overweight pets.

I couldn't control this little squeal that came from me. And once all eyes in the room were turned towards me I had to sheepishly confess:
My cat is overweight and I'm just a little sensitive right now about my own.

The teacher then quickly clicked to the next slide and muttered something about putting his foot in his mouth, again. Poor guy must be married.
So. I would say I'm off to run, but alas I have a feeling my hurt foot is a fairly large chunk of why I've um, gotten a little chunky, and so I am left to do 'toe raises.' Hurrah.
(Oh and in case you are wondering, it's actually pretty simple to tell if your pet is overweight (at least for cats, sorry I didn't really pay attention to the dog part sense we are sans one for the time being) but if you look at your kitty from above they should have a slightly hour glass shape and if they are more like a pear well then tell them to lay off the kibble.)


Got any random bits of your own?