Tuesday, January 20, 2009

pretty boy

My darling husband had his um, thirtieth birthday-again- on Saturday. He was so cute all day long he kept saying "it's my birthday" in this little precious boy voice and then he would bat his eyelashes. I meant to ask him mother just how much he got away with doing that, because he uses it on me A LOT. We went out to see his family and had Christmas (what? It's still Jan. You know I haven't even sent out pictures, cards or even some of the gifts yet... yikes.. maybe I'll turn it into a Valentine's thing too.)
So some things I love about him:
*his amazing intellect, like seriously he hurts my head he's so smart.
*his big huge heart, he truly loves so many so very well.
*his 'mojo magic' as I call it when we are out in public he just charms everyone and gets free stuff like movies, or price reduction on groceries.
*he can cook, like really good stuff too and not just simple stuff.
*the way he smells, and dresses, seriously good fashion sense that one.

And I could go on and on if the toddler wasn't melting down and it is study time. Sigh. Maybe I'll expand this list.


  1. awww that's so sweet! Happy B-day to your hubby!

  2. This is a very romantic post. Happy birthday to your hubby, and thanks for sharing this.

  3. just adorably, sickening, cute ;-)


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