Monday, January 5, 2009

Ruminations on the The bestest day in the whole wide world

After my bath and while nursing Kaiya I read Breaking Dawn for about three hours. Finally I realized it was three am and pulled myself away from the vampire world. We all woke up at eleven (yeah!) and hubby was busily trying to finish my 'Birthday Brownies' He was getting a little frustrated that it was going so slow, remarking it had taken fifteen minutes just to break an egg, and I had to bite my toungue. Just the day before he was telling me how they had loaded and unloaded the washer and dryer together. The main point of the little story was not the cuteness, though when he described how she would hug each piece of newly dried clothing to her face my womb squeezed a little (to quote Bobeesah) but to tell me that what normally takes thirty seconds took twenty minutes. I told him I thought he was better at going at the toddler pace... ahem... we all have days where it is frustrating though. I tend to give up trying to include her enough which is bad, and I've been learning from him and from E who does a faboulous job with baby D in having him pick up his toys and explaining it to him.
Anyway, while we waited on brownies K and I sat and played by the computer. I made one of his army men dance to Abba's 'Take a chance on me' song and later when I was still humming the soung (and probably will be for the rest of my life) Kaiya pointed to the army guy like: mom, your not making him dance! Later on in the day she started dancing on her own and kept doing her little shoulder scrunch thing she does when she's happy. It's the cutest thing in the world and when she combines it with her big huge grin and squints her eyes shut I swear I couldn't ask for a better present. Hubby's surprise was setting up the tent for me (something I've been hounding him to do.... er I mean asking.. ok no, hounding is more accurate) and we had a little picnic by the fire. He took her inside to get bath/bed started so I could sit and enjoy the fire, my vampires, and a fantastically clear and beautiful night. I love the nights when the sky is indigo blue all night long, don't you? And it bummed me out for about thirty seconds that it was 72 degrees in January. Snow? Schmow! Who needs it when you got vampires, fire and veggie hot dogs to celebrate?
I am at page 647 in case you are curious.


  1. I'm so, so glad that your birthday was gorgeous and fun! First brownies and then a tent in the backyard next to a fire and a good book in hand? Heaven. Good job, big K!

    And I ADORE that happy shrug thing. Did I tell you that D started running like Kiaya the other day? His little hands stuck out behind him and he whoooshed out the door. Oi vey. What are we going to do with these two? Besides fall in puddles of squeezing wombs that is.

  2. You have something special on my blog...come see!!

  3. She's been doing his little shuffle run too!

  4. Sounds like a great day! It's hard to pull away from those Twilight books...I read the series for a week straight while laundry and dishes piled up! As for dancing, I caught my 4-yr-old dancing to Mamma Mia...she even knew the words!


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