Monday, January 12, 2009

Sniff Sniff

So Kaiya has discovered the big wide world of smells. Or at least, she has discovered her own personal way of expressing when she doesn’t like a smell. And oh are there smells not to like. Her own poopy smell is rarely one of them, though occasionally it gets rank enough even for her displeasure. Usually it is mommy’s gas. Which is a sticking point with me since I blame her. I never used to fart this much until several doctors had their hands in my abdomen to pull her heinous out so: HER FAULT. Oh I get her back though. I love having a kid so that when I fart I can blame it on her. “oh baby, did you poopy? Let’s check your diaper” I know the day is probably coming though when I’ll try that and she’ll say “Nah-uh mommy that was you!” But until she can form complete sentences everyone understand she is powerless, mwhaa haa ha!
Back to her noticing for it is the cutest thing in the world the way she wrinkles her little nose and then “sniffs.” When a smell is especially bad she might even try to cover or remove her nose. The removing thing didn’t start until we played with a Mr. Potato Head and she looked up at me like “what a fantastic idea, have all the beans you want now mom!” I’m not entirely sure though that she realizes the smells come from me. She often comes running to me and will look at me with pleading eyes: make it stop, it’s so awful, and you would think reason would tell her: huh. Usually the smell is worse near her. Maybe I should go over here instead. It’s the same with cats though. Paula Poundstone used to talk about spraying her cats with water when they would climb on the curtain and how then they would run to her for protection. I guess the little things we look after expect us to fix everything. Even the problems we create. When we went through this awful stretch of like five miles of nothing but horrid cow dung smell, and not just one cow but like a gazillion of them, she kept rubbing her nose and looking at me like: do something already woman! After all, in her mind there is nothing mom or dad can’t handle. So anyway. I’m off to buy more Glade so our home will be a happier place for all.


  1. funny stuff, she is so cute.

  2. She's adorable - love the face! And yes, by all means, blame your daughter for the farting and other odd things that have happened to your body since childbirth. I do! LOL

  3. I love the wrinkled nose!

    Sorry I haven't posted your award yet. I'm in trouble over here in the world according to me :)

    Wanted you to know that I didn't blow you off!

  4. That is so funny... I remember distinctly the day each of my boys discovered smell...

    You gotta love mommy bloggers - no secrets, no topics uncovered! Freedom of speech at its finest!!!

  5. You can always blame it on a dog, too (just something to think about down the road). :)

  6. That is funny! My oldest daughter hardly ever comments on smells (sometimes I wonder if she even has an olfactory nerve) but my second daughter calls out EVERY smell, including the embarrassing ones and in public places for all to hear!


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