Friday, January 23, 2009

Some things I learned at nutritional class

One of the biggies I learned, and while I knew that salt is definately a weakness and I eat too much I had no idea how much too much, was that you really don't need that much salt each day. Guess how much you need? Would you have guessed a teaspoon? Or around 2300 mg a day? Yikes, when I got back from this class I pulled out the Ramen (ick, I know, but it's so quick and easy) meal I had and it had like 2120 mg. So great, I had just a few hundred mg left for the whole day. However, one up side for me is that rice and pasta are salt free- who-hoo! Now I just have to find something other than spaghetti sauce to put on it. Any suggestions?
You've probably heard that we're supposed to have eight glasses of water a day right? Well guess what, if you weigh 128 lbs (and if you do kiss it!) then you are right. But you should drink half your body weight! Yikes. Um, I won't say how much that is for me but suffice it to say that I am nowhere near it. One thing I've discovered though is I had such a hard time keeping track so I measure out most of it in a huge container in the morning and drink from that same one all day. Towards the afternoon I have to add in some lemons or limes because I can only drink so much plain water but it really isn't as hard as I though. (And I just got up. for. another. pee. break.) And the teacher promised that my body would adjust in a few weeks to the extra liquid thing. Sheesh I hope so.
I also learned that olive oil is really good for you, which is great because we love it. Though we also liked coconut oil and that's not so good. Anything that says hydrogenated sucks. Oooh and eating the 'rainbow' of fruits and veggies is good because the different colors of stuff is like good for you.
I'm forgetting the rest, I'll dig up the handouts maybe and post some more next week, but I really am on a role and hopefully I'll stick with it this time. We have a bad habit of getting everything in the middle of the grocery store where all the processed crud is and man alive is that stuff just horrid for you. So we went shopping and I was one of those annoying customers who stopped and read every gosh darn label. Hopefully I'll get the hang of it soon though, and if you got any healthy eating tips please share!


  1. Those are all great tips. Tho, I heard that Coconut oil was really really good for you. I've switched to kosher salt. It's way better for you and tastes better too. Only problem is that it's like these huge crystals. So what we did was bought a glass pepper mill and we use it to grind the salt, this way we get fine granules and use less salt at the same time. Great way to cut yourself back without going cold turkey. :)

  2. It seems further reasearch (snort* by that I mean googling for um, four minutes) shows that coconut oil is mixed as in many say it is good for you but some say that as it is a saturated fat and they have dubbed those the naughty ones that it is bad for you. Certainly the partially hydrogenated coconut oil (which is what we used) is bad for you. And I suppose in moderation it isn't that bad, I just tend to go overboard on everything.


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