Friday, February 6, 2009

BBFF: Best blog friends forever!

Recently someone posted about why she blogs (and I was going to give her some linky love, but alas I have slept since then and now forgotten just who it was that made the post so if it was you let me know so I can link to you) and how she has developed relationships from her small following of bloggy friends and it got me thinking about why I blog and my relationship with writing. It’s hard not to dream big, to want the huge following and the book, radio, hey-dream-bigger-movie! deals. Though I don’t know how realistic that truly is. To be honest, I’m a little surprised anyone would read the drivel I put on here. It feels like we’re in middle school, passing fantastically long notes that are folded up in a little box or a heart and written in different colors. Trying to make each other laugh, trying to cheer each other up, or just sharing random thoughts to see the look of ink on crisp, clean paper. Or in this case, the look of type-face on bold colors right in front of our very faces. And maybe that is just what we are doing. So? To connect with others is probably one of my most important things, because it helps me grow and become a better person but it also helps me learn who I am. Call me crazy but I could have sworn this whole adult thing would have been easier. It sometimes seems like the teenage years merely extended with perhaps slightly more mature hormones but oh how the hormones still rage. Still, the whole ordeal was easier to get through with a gaggle of your peers beside you. So maybe the same is true with parenting, and being married, having to work and juggle it with wanting to be home with your little one and any other of the myriad of problems we face each day. When I click open someone’s blog and they write about something that I’m going through right then I get all choked up and emotional because I think: oh see, now I knew the universe revolved around me and here is proof! No seriously, even just seeing that someone else feels similar to me is deeply comforting because I feel connected and not like I’m zipping off by myself out into the stratosphere of nowhere. What does blogging mean to you?


  1. I totally agree...It means the same to me!

  2. I'm not sure what blogging "means" to me, just yet. I do know that I enjoy keeping in touch with good friends, new and old, far and near. It's nice, too, to have this outlet. Be somewhat creative in minutes and snatches of time.

    I'm looking for a community myself. It's harder when you're older and feels important to find once you have a kid. Something about it taking a village to raise a child...yada yada. :)


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