Tuesday, February 3, 2009


So there is this guy from work who has given me the nickname "February." Because, just about every day in the big F month I had to pause when writing a date down on something to ask him how to spell it. What with spell checker and all, who can really blame me? It's like I have a mental block on the word and it is almost painful to spell it. I really just want to spell it this way: Febuary. Seriously. What is wrong with that? My way is sooo much better.
As it so happened my daughter ended up being born in this very same, difficult to spell, month. I remember sitting in the hospital bed filling out her birth certificate and asking my husband how to spell it. When I came back to work after maternity leave and told my friend the story he rolled and muttered: maybe now you'll spell it right.
Nope. Wouldn't count on it. There is this beautiful thing called typing and spell checker. If only I could implant it in my brain.


  1. I agree with you. Febuary it is. What month is it? Febuary. When is Jim and Kiaya's brithday? Febuary. I like this.

  2. I say, save your brain cells for important things (like how to save for retirement, end world hunger, cure cancer) and let spell check handle the rest :)

  3. Sounds good I say we all revolt and spell it the way we want to.


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