Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Learning to walk again

My ankle is doing much better though it is amazes me how long it has taken. Apparently if you roll your ankle bad enough it takes longer to heal than a broken bone. I finally ran the other day (at therapy) and though it was a little scary it felt safer with people there by my side who get people back to walking (or running) on a daily basis. I still understand why my Dad used to call his Lucifer, because man alive do they stretch you. 
At the place I've been doing rehab there is this "mobility garden" and a few weeks ago I graduated to it. What was neat was I had been staring out the window at it during each session and wondering, when do I get to do that? I mused to myself that it would probably be the graduation session and it practically was. While I still have one more to go, mostly I am back to normal. What was nice about the garden was it was a tangible goal to look at. Yes. I can do that. Ramp? No problem. Curvy area with some rocks? Let me at it! And so the conversation went in my head. It was even more satisfying to actually be doing it. The second time we even busted out of the garden and went walking on the actual street area without any ankle brace. Talk about living dangerously. 
I asked my therapist if she had ever helped someone learn to walk again and she said yeah, sort of nonchalantly like it was no big deal. So I asked if there were ever like miracle cases and her eyes kind of glistened and she said that there were some that were very satisfying because it seemed like they would never make it out here (to the garden) and then they did. 
It has been a little humbling going in each week when others are wheel-chair bound and in a dire situation and I just have my little rolled ankle. Yet it's also a hopeful place because maybe just maybe someone will learn how to walk all over again and get to take a stroll out on the mobility garden with a big silly grin on their face. 


  1. Oh Court.. so glad to hear you are doing so well with walking. You must be so happy to be able to chase your lil darlin. Congrats.

  2. What a neat job that would be...well, beyond being compared to the devil.

  3. Good for you!! Congrats on graduating to walking on your own. The garden sounds lovely.

    And you know, on a complete side note, ABOUT your side note? I completely forgot that our anniversary was on St. Patty's Day. I should totally have remembered that. Maybe I should get sexy green leprechaun undies. hahaha

  4. gee.. I thought I had left a comment on this post... but it's not here. I believe I said, congratulations on your progress. It must be so nice to chase after Kaiya again. It's so nice to see your positive spirit in these posts.. that's why I've chosen you to pass on an award to. Stop by my page and pick it up. :)

    Have a great day.

  5. Yeah I somehow have changed my comment thing to where they have to be moderated which is really annoying because it means I have to click on each one and it makes me feel unloved like noone is commenting when you really are. Anyone know how to fix it?


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