Monday, February 16, 2009

Oh to be two again

Two. It is adorable when she says it, because it has this high pitched and yet slightly Southern drawl to it. Like: Tooooth! And I can't believe that my baby is two. We will be celebrating her birthday in the same place we did last year, our local park that we love so much. I am maybe going to put a bit more effort in than last year but not much mind you. The theme is Karate Girl and she already has a shirt for it. (My one splurge this month.)
It's all craziness and last-minute thrown togetherness and I am entirely looking forward to it. Though it will be my one break for the day and then it is sadly back to study study study.
I still can't believe she is here sometimes. And so big. We are losing count of the words she can say. I started to seriously worry when I saw Allison's post at Allison Says about language and that she was supposed to be saying 150 words at least. I counted and she only says 60. Apparently my kid is the ultimate procrastinator like her mama because she now says like 300 I think. And complete sentences. She runs. Hub was telling me how before she was born he used to imagine her running and now he can't believe she actually is. I swear people, just around the corner is her standing in the white dress. Ok, so maybe that's a little too far away but the looks she gives me, the seriously sophisticated ones, they kill me.
Her upper lip curls down on one half and up on the other. It kills me. Where does she learn to do something like that? I have this running theory that babies aren’t just created in the womb but that their little spirits are grown in Heaven and then they are given a body when it’s ready. You can feel free to debate me all you want, I don’t care. It’s not like anyone actually knows what goes on in Heaven so ha! And Plflfpfft!
She is here. And I am so grateful for this beautiful gift of love named Kaiya.


  1. You are wise to suspect that she'll be married and off on her own before you know it. I still remember sleeping on the couch with my eldest and waking up with her tiny body snuggled against me... she's as big as I am now. Goes so fast...

  2. Yeah, Before long she'll be writing and editing "Kids News" for distribution on her block. Then she'll get really entrepreneurial and start selling neighbors' rocks back to them. Ha

  3. Aw, yay 2 years old! That must be just adorable when she says "two." I can only imagine.

    Sorry to have worried you. Clearly you have *nothing* to be worried about--she is marvelous! I'm over my fear. For the time being at least. He is saying a new "word" every day. I'm still wishing they were more REAL WORDS and less word-like-sounds, but it'll have to do.

  4. What a sweet post. I am happy for you that you are truly enjoying your daughter.


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