Friday, February 20, 2009

Plans schmlans!

You know that verse in the bible that says "I know the plans I have for you"? Well I'm glad someone does. Sometimes it seems like we are stepping through a minefield what with a toddler running around and two young people still getting to know each other and get a handle on their careers (or lack of) and still manage to find some balance in all the craziness. It seems like if you were trying to tip-toe through a mine field you would not be the best person to decide which way to step. And neither would the other poor sap beside you. (STICK WITH THE ANALOGY PEOPLE (Ahem, Dennis)- I am not calling my spouse a poor sap. I want you to picture two little army guys.) Nope, the person from above would obviously have the best view. Yet why when I have a problem or a decision to make do I ask myself first or turn to the poor sap beside me? Yes, Someone knows the plans and I'm glad it's not me. I would have lost them already. 


  1. Thank you. I needed that reminder because sometimes I get so stressed out waiting for our house to sell etc. I forget it's all in His timing.

  2. I personally shy away from referring to my mate as a "sap", but that's just me. (Sleeping on the couch ain't that fun.)

  3. Well I wasn't calling my spouse a sap I had this image actually of two poor soldiers who were trying to survive a mine field. Apparently I just suck as a writer.


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