Saturday, February 14, 2009

Seriously people HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY

OK so here is Court's brief history of Valentine's. Let's see my first "boyfriend" whom I happened to be going out with when a Valentine's was coming up and was so excited that I was finally going to get a Valentines besides the pity ones or the ones where the kids brought them for everyone but my boyfriend ended up calling in sick to school that day. I still to this day think he just didn't want to buy me anything. He's married to one of my best friends in the world and I seriously hope they get the baby they want so badly for the big V-day. I'm all about the love. And pro-creating.
So a few more agonizing years of high school later, one of which I had to watch the one I thought I loved doting on his girlfriend on the then dreaded V-day and while ironically listening to a band play "I hate Valentine's Day' song. And right then I decided to hate it with all of my being. I mean, it was simpler than being lonely.
Skip forward a few years when I was quite a bit more mature and on a huge "it's just Jesus and me" kick (how I was coping with single-hood at the time.) I decided to... wait for it... go on a date with Jesus. Yup. That's right. Just a silly girl walking down the street (by herself) in a mini skirt. OK, maybe the mini skirt was a bit much I admit but I was rebelling against my Baptist roots. (That and did you know it's 95 degrees in Texas in F-E-B---ah-I-give-up?) No but seriously, it was sweet. I went to my favorite spot and watched water, I love watching water and it was like this little tender moment you know, when you're all nineteen and still young enough to think you can actually change the world.
Skip ahead a few more years and I'm drenched in work and too busy for my own life let alone fitting someone else into it. I emerge one year, completely having forgotten it was Valentine's, and am amazed at how many gosh-darn couples are out. And even sadder, that the median age is something I was actually surpassing. Yikes. Maybe I should get on this one. Then someone I love dearly tells me I need to hurry up and get married and after being mad at them a while I realize, yup. I do. So the quest begins.
We met online. (gasp, how weird, I know.) Hub owes his chance to the movie Must Love Dogs. You see, there are weirdos online. And so after creepy guy number two (as in I was seriously freaked out I would end up in a trunk as the car was being pushed into the river) I decided to go to the site and delete my account for good. But just before that I watched the movie, which is about online dating, and one of the characters told the main one that she had to date the creepies to get to the good one. So I thought, huh, maybe that's true and I checked my account. And there was this well-written, articulate, but most importantly spelled correctly and no blatant sexual innuendos email. We started emailing back and forth and then we met at a coffee shop. (How I still love that coffee shop.) It was a bit of a whirlwind the next few months and we were having a blast. So our first Valentine's we had everything planned out, we were going to meet at this little book-shop place (the same place I had ended up at by accident before when I was in my work-stupor and didn't realize it was V-day) and we were going to paint a canvas together while we talked. Life had different plans as Hub's truck broke down-- wouldn't you know??-- right in front of a ... diamond store.
We went in. I kept glaring at him suspiciously to see if he had actually planned all this. And he grinned like a kid and announced to the sales gal that we were there to pick out a wedding ring. I had to go to the bathroom. So I go to the hall and there is only one and someone is in it. I wait. And wait. Fifteen long minutes later I am still waiting when this very large unusual person walks out. And behind um, I think it was a him, was this horrid smell the likes of which I have never before nor since smelled. By now I was about to pee my pants so I stuffed my face in my shirt and went in. When I came back, about twenty minutes later now, Hub had a very worried look. He asked if everything was alright and I nodded. (He later told me he was seriously worried I was having cold feet even though we had had a couple of casual conversations about marriage and it seemed we were on the same page at least. I then told him why it took so long and he died laughing.) So we sat. On our first Valentine's and looked at pretty rings.
I am now, decidedly, back in the Valentine's day camp.
This Valentine's we had a little mix-up with our childcare situation but then this girl approached Hub as he was carrying baby and getting movies (our back-up plan) and asked if he needed a baby sitter. So. Ironically they are friends of friends and so suddenly we get to have a romantic date after all rather than trying to squeeze some romance into the end of a very long day. I seriously can't wait to spend the rest of my life with this man.

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