Thursday, February 12, 2009

Smell of make-up

I love the way make up smells. Well most of it. Some of it smells like armpit and I’m not sure why. I would think if you are marketing something for people to put on their face you would try and avoid an armpit-flavored sent but then I’m not in their line of business so what do I know? I was thinking recently about why I love the smell, or maybe just about smells in general. I heard that smell is one of those things that links directly to your brain. Like all the other sense have to go through some kind of processing equipment before they make it to the brain, but not your sniffer. It’s got an expressway right to your central hub. Which is perhaps, at least for me, why so many of my memories ‘scented.’ And make-up reminds me of my mother, getting ready for church. Or my sister playing around with me like a good big sister (she really was good at that. I mean geeze I was EIGHT years younger than her why didn’t she tell me to get lost?) Now when I smell it I think about playing with Kaiya, though daddy has set restrictions on that. Still, in her little drawer is a brush and sponge and her favorite thing to do is pick up the sponge and mimic mommy. It scares the heck out of me how much she watches everything I do.
Another smell that snaps me to every time I smell it is the crisp scent of apple. How I love that smell. I think, primarily, because we went to an orchid when I was young and it was a happy, fun day for me. Then there’s the smell of popcorn which brings to mind the many movies and wonderful people alongside me during them.


  1. I am a weirdo, but the smell of dried saliva makes me want to go to sleep...I guess from dried drool on my pillow or something. It is a relaxing sent to me, I know I am a weirdo--I said it first no worries! ha~C

  2. My favorite childhood smell is lilacs. They remind me of how my dad would pick some off of our bushes and then wrap a wet paper towel and tin foil around the base so that I could take them to school for my teachers.

    And every now and then when I walk through the perfume counters at a department store I get a whiff of a scent my mom used to wear. But it passes before I can pinpoint it and I never remember to ask her which one it was...

  3. I have an insane sniffer. I can identify family and friends by their scent...not always a good thing.

  4. It's amazing how smell can bring to mind such strong memories.

    My favorite smell is probably any food-related smell--the smell of cooking garlic with olive oil is definitely up there! And fresh baked cookies, of course ;)

    I love the smell of my Physician's Formula make up. It smells just wonderful!

  5. Mmmm... lilacs, fresh baked cookies and saliva. Wait a minute.


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