Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Tip-toe into mommy's heart

How does she do it so easily? How does she woo me so naturally? Love me so tenderly and richly? This thing that I find so hard, that I sweat over, work at and struggle for she just does. Perhaps we are better at loving when we don’t try so hard to do it. All she did was bring me a piece of cheese but it was the little shrug of her shoulder combined with the silly grin and this fantastically blue twinkle in her eye. And she had me. Then she tip toed (for the first time) away from me. So it is, often it seems, that this little person rips out my heart, adds a little to it, and then puts it back. But it's better for it, like metal that has been hardened in fire and smoothed down to perfection. Perhaps that truly is what this life is about, rubbing out our hard bits one by one through love. I sure hope so. When I look into my daughter's perfect heart-shaped face it stretches out my heart a bit more, to make room for this dear little one who fits so perfectly.


  1. That was lovely and you two are beautiful. Tears in my eyes make you a little blurry, too, but still utterly gorgeous.

  2. Beautiful post. Thanks for sharing.


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