Sunday, February 22, 2009

What's up foo?

So Kaiya as at her imitating stage. Just about anything we do or say she mimics, which is a little scary and terribly endearing. When her daddio gets ready in the morning she wants to do just what he does. Put on deodorant. Put on cologne. If only she could figure out how to pee standing up like he does (I wonder what being raised by a boy is doing to her)  and on and on. What is equally fascinating to me is the little traits she has that are all her own, completely unique to her. Her shoulder-scrunching thing is still the main way she lets it be known, hey this is cool. She also will stick out her gut I guess to kind of express, what's up y'all? Now it seems she is getting down combinations of things, like sentences and words/sign language (some of it is made up, cause, eh? why not?) and the freaky thing is we are like, hey she can actually communicate! Of course it's not like she can tell you her thoughts on the economy but it's like she's not so much a baby and more this tiny person with her very own WILL. Which of course I knew would happen someday I just didn't think would happen so soon. And most of what she's been doing she's been doing a while, but now she is sort of putting it all together to speak. 
Suffice it to say that I love that she is her own little person. It's scary though, letting her out a bit at a time, like she is a balloon who will all too soon float away. I know, I know, she's only two for crying out loud. 


  1. That is adorable!
    PS I did try to pee like a boy when I was a little lady and came home with wet socks. Keep your eye on her!!!

  2. I love this stage. It is scary but so cute. I love seeing little people and there opinionated expressions that so obviously came from their own personality. Independence is cute at this age; enjoy it now because it is not as cute in teenagers.

  3. hahahaha-I love the image of her trying to figure the pee situation out. And, that's just hilarious Maria Rose!

    I have the same feeling, especially when I see friends who have kids who are now HUGE, or my little neices whom I've known since they were itty bitty and are now graduation from High School. One, how dare they grow up on us! Two, sad as it is, I guess we have to prepare for it, right? Just not right at this moment. :)


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