Thursday, March 5, 2009

Oh the drama of a nine year old

So I have been mentoring this adorably sweet little girl. I can't give any specifics, not that any of you would really use it maliciously anyways, but it's the principle of the matter of course. But suffice it to say that this poor kid has so much drama in her life. Did you ever take one of those stress tests? You know where it lists all the big things that can happen to make you stressed- I swear this kid checks off all the blasted boxes like weekly. Deaths, marriages, births, divorces, wrecks, numerous hospital trips and all of this she just blabs with her precious little face still smiling. I have noticed my most used phrase is "wow that must have been really tough." And I've also noticed each time she looks at me puzzled. We come from different worlds. She must be thinking, girl, you haven't seen trouble yet! I'm trying to work on my responses and say something more like: how was that for you or etc. Each time I meet with her I am more amazed at her tenacious little spirit. And man am I having trouble remembering all the characters in her little story. I'm actually thinking about keeping a little journal to keep them all straight. I think all nine-year-olds think you have the memory that they do: sure as an elephant. Wish me luck and pray for this nameless (she has a name just, you know..) little girl that the drama in her life might calm down a bit at least for a season.


  1. Good for you for mentoring. I hope she has a settled time soon; it must be so chaotic to grow up with so much drama.

  2. I just want to give her a huge hug. But that would be weird. So I'll send good thoughts your way instead.

  3. @ Fae: i know right? maybe her sense of normal will be a bit off but i bet she'll have way more perspective than her peers
    @E: catching good thoughts and sending them on :)


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