Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Oh you have got to be kidding me

So baby girl, who still has her hives by the way, had this horrendous ear ache. Her miserable little scrunched up face kept pleading with us to do something, anything, until she whimpered herself to sleep. And the selfish thought that kept running through my mind: not now! Not a week before my test! She was better later on today though and I am off until my test so off to studying I go. I told hubby that if only they would pipe in Wiggles music, because #1 it will distract the enemy (the other test takers) and #2 I might remember some of the hundreds of flash cards I went over to the tun of "Henry, the Octupus, he's such a good friend... to me..." and so forth. And then hubby got an ear ache too. And the hits just keep on coming.

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  1. Just hang in there. It can only get better!


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