Sunday, March 15, 2009

On being sick

So baby girl is miserably sick. Snot running everywhere. This big, deep, throaty cough thing going on. But the worst part of all is her eyes. Tears have been lingering there and they are so droopy they are only open half way. The part you can see is even more fantastically blue, I'm not sure why, I guess the tears are making them more blue. Then to make it extra fun: a neat rash all over her has added to the mix. It's too soon to tell what it is, but always fun to have something new to worry about (in case you are wondering, I am not doing so well with my Lent this year.) We called poison control just for grins and they told us to benadryl her up and watch her breathing, that if she had trouble breathing that was the thing to watch for. I started to timidly suggest that we let her sleep in the bed with us tonight but Hubs was all over it all ready. His worried look was so full of love if I wasn't so worried too I would have been a bit turned on.
What amazes me is her happy little spirit. Sure she's a bit grouchy, you know, when she can't breathe, but for the most part she is the same sweet little kid. I am a miserable wretch when I am sick and I do my best to make sure everyone around me is equally miserable. I guess she hasn't learned that yet. Maybe there's hope. Here's the even bigger hope: maybe she can teach me to be sweeter still. 


Got any random bits of your own?