Monday, March 2, 2009

The TV monster.

Up until about a week ago Kaiya's interest in TV was minimal. We mostly liked it that way though we fantasized about a kid who we could let the tube baby-sit for half an hour, to you know, have mommy and daddy time. What we didn't anticipate was a child who would fall in love with the TV and stage a hostile take over. We have been besieged by the Wiggles for a week now and I swear if the US had used this tactic Iraq would already be annihilated. And how do they manage to find the one show that grates on your last nerve? I mean, I totally love the Signing Time videos and while she likes those a little bit she would rather Wiggle the night away much to my great dismay. And what is with the repeating thing, I mean, seriously? You really need to watch that video again? We just watched it five times kid. The sad thing is I guess some parts are more annoying or attention grabbing than others because each time I manage to zone in for the same very irksome fifteen minutes. I mean how many times can you hear a grown man sing about mashed bananas? 
Maybe what really makes me sad that her first favorite show is one that stars men. I mean, I had this running theory that most kids liked shows with central male figures because they were home with their mommies usually and missed their daddies. Since our house is a little backwards and hubby is the SAHD and I'm the one always gone I was seriously hoping she'd like Signing Time more since it's got this cool chick who is a mommy starring in it. The funny thing is I think since I like the signing show so much that she associates it with me so she waits until I'm home. Ok, maybe that's a little egocentric but she and I just watched it two full times and she couldn't stop waving her little hands around in a desperate attempt to get them to start signing on her own like mommy was doing. What is scary is how aware she is now whereas before she used to just look at the TV with mild amusement. Time shall tell I guess. And I swear if any of you get me Wiggle stuff so help me *9$@!#. 


  1. *L* could be worse.. could be the big purple guy.. (shudder)

  2. The tv is a great thing, and an evil beast all rolled up into one brain numbing package. And it's also a godsend.

    Try Dora!!

  3. fruit salad....
    yummy, yummy.

    Sorry. That's the first thing that popped into my head. And I haven't heard that since I worked at the day care in Austin. YEARS ago. They still have the Wiggles? Eeeesh.

  4. How did you know? I've had 'fruit salad, yummy yummy' in my head for TWO WEEKS. They are seriously evil.

  5. The Wiggles used to be ok when they had the original cast; now it's just patronizing. My boys gravitate towards shows I can't stand, so I make sure I never EVER flick on the tv when those shows are on. Barring that, do you have any reading to catch up on?


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