Thursday, March 12, 2009

Wiggles: Revisited

Ok, now I agree with y'all about how annoying they are. For the life of me I can't get "Fruit Salad, yummy yummy" out of my head but I think the Wiggles are emerging as her favorite. And after watching her react to the show it's becoming one of my favorites (for her.) There was this part of it where they were doing a little dance and Kaiya was flailing her arms like she was drunk and suddenly one of the Wiggles made this sleeping motion. Then to my amazement so did Kaiya, but even more amazingly at the same time he did! I gasped and turned to hubby whose eyes were practically rolling out of his head (as he had the fortune of seeing it a thousand times already) and then I said: did you see that? She did the  move at the same time, she can follow visual instructions! To which he said: well she's only watched it five hundred times today I would hope she could put her hands to her head like she is going to sleep, even better I wish she would go to sleep. Ah the differences of the parenting. The one who is out missing all these precious minutia and the one who is suffering through the thousands of repeated bits over and over again like a stuck tape. 
The coordinated dance moves of the rock-star named Kaiya did not stop there, oh no. The climax move was when she pretended to be an elephant and resurrected her growl that she first started perfecting at about eight months old. Her little hand waving in front of her face to be the trunk with this crescendoing "rroaarr" sound emitting from her was too much. I tried to blink my eyes, thinking maybe they could somehow magically turn into a camera but alas, not this time. 


  1. Well ain't you in for a treat! Kaiya will be able to see Wiggles LIVE and in person at their stage show at Six Flags Fiesta Texas when we take her there next month. (Sound as much fun as a Seattle B & B ??)

  2. awww... I actually love the wiggles myself. No, I don't love watching them but their songs are easy to learn and infectious. It's so adorable to see my O put his hands under his arms and quack...

  3. @ Pop- How fun is that? You two really are up for grandparents of the year. She may not even miss us.


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