Friday, April 24, 2009

Friday Hi-Five

The five things you should NEVER have to say, but then again, you shouldn't have to squeeze a seven-nine pound being out of your hip area (or have it squeezed out) so with the birth of your child goes your sense of normalcy!

1. No! Don't put your hand in your poopy!

2. Eewww, what did we feed you that was blue?

3. Child, I had no idea you could fit twenty rocks inside your diaper.

4. Honey, please, please, please can we not watch Wiggles for the fifty-eighth time tonight?

5. Careful with your vajayjay sweetie, one day it will be very important to you. 


  1. Too funny! I have said things very similar to those. :)

  2. Loved the list... and because I have boys, the one I never thought I'd say (EVER):

    Quit calling your brother a penis.


  3. LOL Great post!

  4. Funny, I always tell Diego he should be gentle with his private parts, too. Geez. Those crazy toddlers. :)

  5. Don't fight it. We all live in the Wiggles World.

  6. Superfunny! My husband and I are always joking around about the things we never expected to say. Our favorite so far: "You have to remove the Batman utility belt *before* you get into the tub."

  7. Funny post!! You also learn how to do hand signals with your dh especially when it comes to haircut or nail clipping time,or shots at the dr. office.


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