Monday, April 13, 2009

The gems we find.

There's this feeling of leisure when you are on vacation, like not only is it OK, it's sort of the whole point. I'm fighting the urge to not feel guilty though. Why is that? We are taking it slow too and while part of me is like oh no we are only here five days we need to hurry up and do more, more, more! The rest of me just wants to nap. Or write and think about all the cool Asian art I saw while listening to the rain. What is nice about going someplace else is you realize more who you are. I never knew I liked such and such sort of plant, partly because I had never seen it before, but partly because when you pick someone up out of their little hole of Earth they have nestled deep down in and plop them down somewhere else they are more open to the experience of things. Deep things. And simple ones too. 
This city is a bit harder in a way, I always thought the Texas hospitality thing was a myth but maybe not. People tend to be a bit gruffer here to perfect strangers, maybe it is all the muckety-muck from the rain running around. That is not true though for all Seattleites. Our hosts at the B&B we are staying at graciously offered to come get us when we simply couldn't find our way with the flimsy rental car map that had several, we discovered later- very key, streets missing. And Hubby's charm almost undid the ice from the little grocery clerk but not quite. You could tell though that she wasn't used to customers actually talking to her. It was sort of sad. It is like these people have a very tough outer shell but once you crack it there is this little gem inside that is them. 
Thus far we have only walked around the neighborhood where we are staying at, but we did wander into a coffee shop for Hub's sake, and we saw an art gallery as well. Last night was wonderful as we sat in our little room, listened to the rain still (it rained all day!), ate our food from the grocery store and watched Iron Man. Nothing like some good explosions to start off a vacation. Today we are off to downtown Seattle to see the aquarium and I'm excited I get to see my cousin whom I haven't seen in like fifteen years. (And I'm hoping we get to visit the chocolate store, though that could be a bad thing.)


  1. Sounds like you're having an awesome time!

  2. If I could take a vacation it would be at a B&B,too! Glad you got some time to relax a little. :)

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  4. @ TV top ten: please go spam someone else, thanks.

  5. Have fun. I know Seattle well. You're right people in cities become toughened up, the littlest kindness can really catch them off guard! Sometimes I think it's a lot of fun and other times it is a bit confusing.


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