Monday, April 20, 2009

"I want this."

One of my daughter's phrases is: I want this. She will then point to whatever it is that she wants. Now that she's been weaned for about three weeks or so it has been surprisingly without much relapse. So I didn't give it a second thought when she was, for once, happily playing in the bathtub and I decided to join her. 
As soon as I plopped down and I saw her big silly grin and her eyes staring I realized my mistake. She pointed at my chest and said: "I want this." Then she started saying "na, na" over and over as she scooted closer to me. I tried to scoot away and covered myself, thinking naively that it would help. She kept staring doggedly and was determined to get at them. This child is nothing but determined, which is why we named her that. 
Daddy came to the rescue and saw it as a parenting moment for him to take. "I know baby, it's awful how she taunts us with them. We can look at them, but we can't touch them. I feel your pain." 
So there I was sitting in the bathtub, wearing a sports bra to cover up. Yup, this is definitely one of those parenting moments I never imagined!


  1. Just so that you know there will be many many more parenting moments you never imagined. They seem to come time and time again! I know that having three girls we usually do not make it more then a day or two without a mommy moment that I never expected.


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  2. *L* aww. Weaning is always a tough sell ... for them and for us. :)

  3. Haha. At least your daughter is articulate. Mine just says "Muh!" and hits me in the chest when she wants to nurse -- oh, like SEVENTY TIMES A DAY.

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  4. Funny, funny. And just embarrassing enough to bring up at the rehearsal dinner the night before she gets married.

  5. Parenting is so glamourous,right?? Lol...

  6. Boy, husbands can be sooooo helpful.

  7. Yeah I can see my Hubby saying that too at such a time. My 1 yr old calls it Boom Boom. Don't ask me why.
    If you get a chance, come sign a petition over at my blog.
    Petition to Pee in Peace. Its an attempt to keep kids out of the bathroom while we are in there :)


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