Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Illusion of Fairness

Is anyone else out there obsessed with things being "fair"? Maybe this just is part of growing up, and the part I am sooo not wanting to learn, even though you hear it over and over and over: life is just simply not fair. Fine, I could deal with that, but geeze louise couldn't it be a little bit balanced? I think where my neurosis comes from is when I was growing up, with a twin, my parents really did try to keep things as equal as possible. I guess they learned early, bring home two lollipops from the bank, get two stickers at fairs, etc. And when anything was the least bit unfair, from my perspective, I was quick to scream: equal rights for twinsies! Something I still keep screaming. Except, the big bad scary world doesn't always remember to bring home two lollipops. 
However, I guess I will go back to an old stand by. When I start thinking things are unfair I'll "count my blessings" so to speak. Put in perspective. After all, having a job that is screwing with me and what I think is a very well earned promotion is a way better problem to have then say, not having a job. And now, so many people are in the second boat. But then, don't even get me started on the whole state of things, I mean jerks out there making billions while so many are scraping by? I just have to hope that someday, even if it's after all this crazy mess is said and done down here, it will all sort out. That and I sometimes whisper to myself that Jesus is totally for equal rights for twinsies. Because he is. And he will give me lollipops, you just wait and see. 

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