Monday, April 6, 2009

Knock, knock, knock

The thing about knocking on wood is sometimes you do it a little prematurely. I can't help wondering though: is this really that easy? We are in day four now of Kaiya being totally weaned and it ain't that bad. Now of course if I'm jinxing myself and you see this long ranting post, well by all means feel free to skim it and post me a polite, encouraging message, but my fingers are crossed that this is it. So I think what helped was that I had actually started about two months ago, which sounds like a ridiculously long time to spend weaning but this kid, she was all about the boob. I mean it was nonstop. So we had to gradually weed out some of the times and finally worked our way down to one about three weeks ago or so. I had to wait for the test to be over before we could have the last stand off. The other day I was getting undressed and she came running in and looked up at my chest affectionately and cried out "Hi nanas!" (Her name for them.) I was worried we were going to have melt-down as it was only day three but instead she went running out to play. She hates regular cow milk so we have to trick her with flavors and cheese but all and all I think mom and baby will be just fine on this front. And thank God. I was stressing it wouldn't be done before the trip. I mean, my parents love me but you know, they have their limits I'm sure. Now she'll be weaned just over a week before the trip and all set to Wiggle dance the time away. Plus I was hoping to be done before my next ob appointment. She was a little concerned that the pregnancy and nursing would be a bit much, and I agreed, I just totally felt drained all the time. Plus, yipee a whole six months of my nanas all to myself. (Well, hubby might claim them now and again, but...) Me? I'm off to take a hot shower. I think I'm gonna start drinking tea too, maybe that will help. 


  1. I read the whole post, no skimming. Anyway congratulations a break well deserved before you start again. Sounds like a little time away will really cement in the weaning process.

  2. I am glad the weaning is going well.Nanas is a cute name for them LOL. My son calls bananas that and his uncle loves to ask him to say it. Kids are adorable! Here's to hoping the weaning continues to go well. Hope you get time to relax.

  3. Yeah one time when she was asking for nanas someone gave her a banana. We just went with it but she looked up at us like: dude what is wrong with them I said nanas!


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