Sunday, April 26, 2009

A random love story

Our recent trip made me think about these two fascinating people I met a few years ago. I can't help but think about this poor girl every time I fly, though part of that is likely my utter fascination with worry. 
I had noticed her burns almost immediately, after all it was hard not to. They covered both of her arms and half of her face and neck. She was extremely adorable, in spite of? or because of? them. With little blond curls bouncing around her face and a slightly husky voice that seemed so much like it wanted to be a little girlish voice. I wondered if that was related to the burns and later found out it was. Her husband was so fitting for her. He was Chinese and had this total look of love in his eyes every time he looked at her. Her fair skin next to his olive toned hands looked absolutely beautiful. They sat close, touching hands to face, etc. at odd random moments like newly weds tend to do. At the time I was single, and hopelessly so. It almost hurt to look at them. It was even harder to watch her be so sweet to just everyone. As she sat across from me bubbling away about everything from her business to music, her passion, she absently cut my brother's steak for him. I don't think she had even asked she just saw he was having trouble with it and started hacking away until it was in perfect pieces. Someone must have asked, or something, because somehow the question of her burns came up. So she just started telling the story, like it was nothing.
She backed up a bit though, to the point she and her now husband had met, because she explained that is where it all began. It was just a few weeks before the accident and she was an opera singer and he was a piano player. They were working on a piece together and had an instant attraction to one another so they started courting. Then she went on a flight with her mother. The plane had just landed and was still going down the taxi-way when it ran off and the plane caught on fire. Not only was she burned, but her throat was as well. Ruining her voice. This woman whose life, love and very passion of her being was music would never be able to sing opera again. She lay in the hospital room with a tube down her throat for a long, long time. Each and every single day he came. He would sit by her side. Touch her hand. Talk to her. Pray over her. The whole time she had this tube down her throat and could only communicate minimally by blinking. Each visit from him thrilled her but she had to wonder why he kept coming. After all they had barely known each other and now she was ruined. They had discussed playing together, and that could never happen. And there was this deadline looming as he had to go back to China for a bit. There were times where she got bitter, and one of the darkest nights she had had it. She begged God to explain what he was doing. What was he thinking? Burning her throat? Why? And for what? The next day he came to visit.
It was his last visit for a bit. So he asked a simple question, telling her he just needed her to blink for yes or for no. It was: will you marry me? Joy filled her heart as she thought of the despair of what she had been feeling the night before and it all had seemed so hopeless. She was confused but he went on to explain that he felt very clearly that she was the one for him, that God wanted them to be together, and that even if she could never talk to him again he still wanted her. 
I want all those who have not yet found the love of their lives to trust that He sees you and He knows what He is doing. For those of us who have been so lucky, let us cherish our ones chosen for us and hold them tightly but be held even tighter by the One who loves us so well.

*It has been years, so I may have gotten some details off a bit. Apologies if so.


  1. Beautiful, touching story. Brings tears to my eyes...
    tina :)
    p.s. i tagged you on my blog.

  2. This is the stuff of which books are made!

  3. Wow, that is a beautiful story!

  4. That is so wonderful... now I'm teary. That's what love is all about, isn't it?

  5. (and not just because her hubby is chinese. like mine. hehe)

  6. Court, I am visiting from Woman to Woman Ministries. Thank you for stopping by. This is such a beautiful and touching story. Brings tears to my eyes.


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