Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Still figuring it all out

I really thought by the time I was thirty I would have more of all this adult stuff 'down.' You know what I mean? Recently some old friends were back in town and they are this couple who is a few years ahead of us in life and whom I look up to immensely because they are simply so cool with everything. By that I mean, it seems everything comes easily for them, and though I'm sure that is simply not true and that they break their backs like the rest of us, they are certainly better at not showing all the crags and nannies in their bumps in life.
I was asking them how they were getting settled in to their new hometown and the husband was talking about their church and how some "real adults" are there, then he clarified by saying people our parent's age. To which I laughed and asked if we weren't adults yet and he replied that he thought we were all still figuring it all out. I found this comforting that they felt that way as from my perspective they pretty much have it figured out but us on the other hand...
It is good though to hear from the folks who are right beside you in this crazy journey that they are just as confused as you are. Then at church on Sunday the pastor came up and said he felt like God wanted to bless the generation that was coming up. I sat up, quite smugly, prepared to go pray for some teenager, when much to my dismay the pastor asked for all those thirty and under to raise their hands. I sheepishly raised mine and the same friend I was talking about was sitting next to me and was one of the ones praying for me. It felt good though. I sat there thinking, it's ok Court, you really are still little. It's good to remember that. So here is to figuring it all out. Maybe by the time I'm forty, eh?


  1. Shoot! I was hoping to figure it out some time the next year or two. Pops (62)

  2. I think it doesn't matter how old we get.. we will never feel like real adults..

    By the time we reach 40 we start with the "forever young campaign" to convience everybody else too - that we still are young.

  3. I still look around and wonder when did I get old enough to have a mortgage, when did I get old enough to marry, when the heck did I get old enough to have kids. I can't be THAT trustworthy!

  4. I have moved away from my hometown, had several jobs, been married for almost 9 years, owned 3 homes, had 2 children, got a dog...

    and I still don't feel like an adult.

  5. I don't think I will ever have it all figured out and I'm okay with that. :)31 here btw.


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