Friday, April 17, 2009

This is romance

I never thought I could miss someone so much. And someone so tiny at that. We did have fun, we really did, but not a day went by that we didn't think about her. Hubby had to restrain me from not calling more. As the week went out she would start wailing earlier in the calls and selfishly I wanted to keep talking because at least I could hear her. (She's not a big talk on the phone person, she just likes to listen.) My nephew was usually manning the phones and he got wiser and quicker at hanging up (which was good.) We had a whirlwind couple of days because we decided to get the "city pass" since we wanted to do most of the activities on it. The second day we went to the Aquarium, Hubby's favorite part, and I was pleased we managed to come at just the right time and make it to several of the feedings. The next thing we did was a cruise on the harbor with perfect Seattle weather (meaning drizzly and gray.) Then I saw my cousin whom I haven't seen in oh fifteen years or so and met her children finally. Her little four year old kept coming up to me and hugging my arm, it was like she knew I missed my little person. The whole time I kept thinking how much fun Kaiya would have had, but I knew this was doing good for us too. Then they caught the ferry back home and we went to the space needle at night. That had to be my favorite part. It felt romantic, like in Sleepless in Seattle or something. The most romantic part? Hubby went to a public restroom for me! He hates them and had asked if we could go back to the B&B and I said sure but my face must have not matched it because he said "you want to stay don't you?" To which I tried to be convincing but he still didn't believe me. So he went, and then while he was still in there they announced they were closing in ten minutes. It felt like that story where the guy gives away his watch to buy his girl a comb and she cuts her hair to give him a watch chain. Except I don't know what I gave up. He tried to act like it was alright even though he still had that ewww look on his face. As I was waiting on him, right after the announcement, I thought: this is romance. Not some big silly Hollywood type gesture where you expect your man to not only read your mind but just absolutely nail it, I mean, get everything right! But the simple give and take of daily life, and the slowly letting go a bit more of yourself for the other.
{We are back, I just wanted to post this first. I'll try to post the second part tomorrow.}


  1. I think romance is all about those little gestures!

  2. I think about Diego every time I get some time "alone." And then I usually end up getting things for both him and Jim anyway. haha It's like we can never really be alone anymore. Which is kind of nice.

    Oh, I'm so glad you two had fun!!! It sounds fantastic and beautiful and I can't wait to see pictures, (verbal or otherwise).

    And I agree. Romance is all about the little things.

  3. Super cute. Isn't love grand?


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