Friday, May 8, 2009

The BEST ending to Grey's Anatomy

Don't worry I won't ruin a surprise if you haven't caught up with your TiVo yet. So we are sitting there enjoying our favorite show, perhaps even holding hands I'm not quite sure, and Hubby starts laughing. Since it isn't exactly a funny part I look at him questioningly and he points at Kaiya and manages in spurts: look. at. her... I look over and as she is staring intently at the TV as well and has her foot up to her mouth. It takes a second to digest the image because for one it looks so painful to be bending like that and for two it sort of looks like a circus act, like someone who can put their feet up behind their head. Then I realize that she is sucking on her big toe. I mean, the whole, blasted thing is in her little mouth and she is going to town on it. For like five minutes. I'm not quite sure what I missed on my show, but the Kaiya show was well worth it!!


  1. Thanks for not giving any Grey's info. I have to catch up on that one. Your daughter sounds so cute putting on a little show for you guys. I remember when my boys did all sorts of tricks with their feet. Now you should see how huge those feet are! Your daughter's photo is adorable! Thanks for visiting my blog. I enjoyed coming by to visit you today:)

  2. I always get JUST a wee bit jealous when I see babies doing that. I COULD suck on my big toe I suppose, physically...but my jealousy comes from the fact that they LIKE it. Because...EWWWW GROSS!! The mere THOUGHT of my big toe being in my mouth makes me want to gag!

    oh, and you're totally funny! Your comment made me laugh!

  3. I'll never forget when my daughter first started sucking on her toes - I agree it really is funny. Oh and I am a HUGE Grays Anatomy fan.

    Thanks for the visit by the way.

  4. Must be a springtime thing. I just caught my son (4) doing it in the bathtub :o)


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