Friday, May 22, 2009


So, anyone out there into this whole dream interpurting thing? Don't worry I don't think I'm going all hokey-new-agish... Likely the main cause for my interesting dream increase is well, the hormones from pregnancy. But still. Lately. I swear. Like what have I been eating? And I thought dreams were supposed to be like symbolic and stuff. Maybe my dreams talk to me the same way God does: a little esoteric at first and then when I still don't get it pretty blatantly obvious. You might "snap too" a little quicker than yours truly but He sometimes has to like drop a tree on my head to get my attention. (And I wonder where my daughter gets it from??) Anyway. Back when I was having issues with a certain person at work I was having bizarro dreams and then when the issues just kept getting worse and worse I had one that was like. Oh. NOW I get it. I read somewhere, can't remember where now, that dreams are like our way of solving problems in our sleep subconsciously. Now this is my kind of multi-tasking but ever have one that wakes you up? Sortof defeats the point, don't it? Ooh and I also learned that we dream in increments of like fifteen minutes or so and then we have this like hour long stretch. Which would explain why my dreams seem jarred sometimes and then there will be like a whole whacked up episode of Grey's or something thrown in at the end. What about you? Do you dream a lot/weird/remember them? Anybody else dream in color? (So glad we're out of the eighties, because those were some bright colors! Talk about hard to sleep through....)


  1. When I sleep...ahh...sleeeeeep...I do dream. I used to have these crazy, weird, nonsensical dreams when I was younger but now they're shorter and either make no sense whatsoever or feel like a regular day awake. Like I'm not awake enough. So anything from meething friends to eat and then flying on a tornado to a carnival. Yeah. Weird.

  2. I always dream in color. And I slip into REM quite quickly. Sometimes they're prophetic, but not on anything important. It does warn me when I'm about to be be in serious trouble. I don't have nightmares.
    If you're curious about the meanings of dreams there are a lot of great books, ranging from psychological analysis to fortune telling. It might be fun to look it up.

  3. My absolute favorite dream is when I fly like a bird. I don't grow wings or anything like that. Just am able to avoid plummeting through mental exertion (in the dream).


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