Thursday, May 28, 2009

Feeding the baby

This is when I wish we had a camera. Kaiya's current favorite food is: oats. Not the horse-variety but good ol' fashioned instant oatmeal. She loves this sooo much. OATS! She'll screech. It's all I can do to keep from stumbling as fast as I can to the microwave. (And I do mean stumble. This klustzy thing gets funner each week.)
Once again she was having oats for dinner and for some reason a baby doll was on her high chair tray. (I've learned to not ask why when certain unexpected events occur.) I then looked over and she was spooning heaping bites of oats into the dolls mouth. What was most precious was the sheer look of delight on her face. She was a mommy. She was sharing her beloved oats. 
Later on when we were enjoying a movie and the same dolly wound up on the couch I went to remove it and discovered it was soaking wet. When I inquired to Hubby about this predicament he gruffly said: somehow oats got all over the doll. I think she was feeding it. 
And I was all sad, wondering if Kaiya got to give the dolly a bath or if daddy just hosed it down in the kitchen sink. 


  1. How sweet. Sounds like she'll be a great big sister!

  2. Too cute! I hope the doll got a warm bath and not a cold hose down, especially after being spoiled by warm oats.

  3. Mmmm Oats are so good for her! I hope it was a bath and not the cold hose LOL. :) tina

  4. SO cute. I love the moment that kids start to nurture others, even if its just a doll. Soooo cute.

  5. Super cute! I think it's time to explain to Daddy how important having a "baby" is to a little girl.

  6. get her one of those rubber dolls and let her bathe/feed her to her hearts delight. My daughter spent hours bathing and drying her baby. :)


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